We're heading to the DNA28 conference. I'm looking forward to an exciting programme this year!

After the past few years of online conferences, it will be great to finally get out and talk to folks in person about what we've been doing. I'm incredibly excited and proud of what our group has achieved, we'll have three talks:

Constantine will present a general scheme and experimental results for bottom-up control of growth order, or crystalisation dynamics, of DNA tile nanostructures (joint work with Dave Doty).

Trent will give a simple solution to a tough experimental problem: he spikes a solution of DNA tiles with a few extra, short DNA strands ("covers") to prevent unintended nucleation. Magic!

Tristan and Abeer will give a new proposal for computing with DNA origami, an in-principle highly-robust form of DNA computation that exploits several concepts from our field (computation with square tiles, DNA toehold-mediated strand displacement, and DNA origami) for thermodynamically favoured computation.

We'll also have a few posters. Ahmed's poster is on a new model of tile self-assembly that allows for mismatching glues and facet growth to control growth order (with AFM data to boot!). Constantine will have two software-based posters, one on controlling/monitoring florescence reading during self-assembly (qslib, see also docs) and one on automated specification of experimental protocols (alhambra v2) -- these libraries have made significant improvements to how we do science in our group.

Hope to see you there!