I’m Tristan Stérin, a second year PhD. student in the TAPDANCE team at the Hamilton Institute, Maynooth University (Ireland), under the supervision of Prof. Damien Woods.

My current research lies at the intersection of DNA Computing and the study of Models of Computation. This research is best embodied by the following question: « How to use the interaction between DNA strands in order to implement some models of computation ? ».

In the past, my research has focused on Machine Learning, in particular the fields of Computer Vision, Music Generation and Finance.

Tristan Stérin



The Collatz process embeds a base conversion algorithm

T. Stérin and D. Woods

Limitations on counting in Boolean circuits and self-assembly

T. Stérin and D. Woods

: A browser-based, easily scriptable tool for designing DNA nanostructures

D. Doty, B. Lee and T. Stérin

Binary expression of ancestors in the Collatz graph

T. Stérin

On the computational power of 6-bit iterated Boolean gate arrays

T. Stérin and D. Woods
DNA 23, Austin TX, U.S.A, September 24-28, 2017. Best Poster Award

RNNs: An Intrinsic Difference Between Vanilla And GRU Models

T. Stérin, N. Farrugia and V. Gripon
COGNITIVE@IARIA, Athens, Greece, February 19-23, 2017.



The Multiple Faces of Entropy

T. Stérin
Hamilton Postgrad Seminar, November 12, 2019.

About Thermodynamics

T. Stérin
Group meeting, August 26, 2019.